VOTE For a Better Jonesboro.

Dear FOA Family,

Tomorrow is the last day to vote for Team Jonesboro.  If you do one thing for the mission of the FOA this year, please make it to take the time tomorrow to go to the polls and vote FOR this plan.  This is the first time in the history of the Foundation of Arts that we have true hope of growing to meet the full needs of our community.  The FOA is foundational to the arts in Northeast Arkansas because the mission seeks to provide excellent arts opportunities for everyone – rich or poor, amateur or professional, whatever your color, religion, creed, or politics.  We are only limited by our facilities and time.

I truly believe that the mission of the Foundation of Arts is blessed because it is purely about unity and creating opportunities to create  So even in the sad event that the initiative does not pass, we will continue to overcome the challenges of our facilities to grow in excellence and unity and numbers of people our mission can bless.  But we must remind ourselves how those blessings come to fruition; it is through the passion of each person going that extra mile to make their effort excellent.  Please don’t let tomorrow go by without voting.  Whatever happens, we want NO REGRETS as we move forward for the arts in our community.

It is an amazing thing when people come together to make something beautiful happen.  Let’s do this.  For the arts, for our safety, and for a better future.



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