Mel Brooks’ The Producers is coming to the FOA!

This show we are rehearsing, The Producers, departs from our practice of wholesome, every-family oriented subject matter.  It is art, nonetheless, and in fact, seems to hit a truth that some in our community are craving.   There is an edgy humor that my teenagers relate to in this story of two Broadway producers who try a scheme to put on a show that will offend everyone in order to make money.    I have found it to be a great way to talk more about what is funny, why it’s funny, and even World War II and the third reich’s evils.

It’s an equal opportunity offender, categorically insulting women, men, accountants, producers, blacks, gays, and, of course, Hitler and the Nazis.  One thing the cast and I have chuckled at is that we can all take offense with unity, reminding us that no matter how different we are, we have much more in common.  So I hope we can all lighten up and laugh out loud at The Producers at the Forum in June.  If this show doesn’t sound like something you would chuckle at, just be sure to keep us in mind for Madagascer, Jr in July.  Those kids in our Young Artist Theatre will bring some joy to your day, as well.

And shoot, if you could use as much laughter as possible in your life, join us for both.  Goodness knows most people need as many belly laughs as we can get.

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