Exodus the Ballet

I have read the story hundreds of times from tattered Bibles since I was a young girl. I’ve been intrigued by the baby floating in the Nile, a mother desperate to save her son, a pharaoh obsessed with might, and the God who delivered his people through a series of plagues and finally the parting of the Red Sea. It has always been a great story to me and it has always been a true story to me, yet watching it retold through this ballet has forever changed the way I see these events in my mind.

I was expecting this to be a great show. I’ve picked my children up from rehearsals and driven home listening to their excitement over the new scenes they learned. I’m familiar with the music in this ballet as well, yet I was still overwhelmed by the powerful experience of watching the Exodus of God’s captive children played out before me. Through the passionate work of Alisa Becton and many others, this retelling of the Exodus reached beyond the stage to a soul that longs to see God’s promises fulfilled. Like Moses, I tremble at the audacity of the Holy One to call to me and the responsibility of obedience to that calling. How comforting it is to be reminded that God sees the sufferings of His children and equips them to follow His guidance in faith.

Thank you to the Foundation of Arts for blessing my heart with this beautiful production. Thank you for giving our family a season of pondering this amazing story. Thank you for putting the name of Moses on the lips of my toddler and for beautifully portraying the fire of God to an amazed four-year-old boy. Thank you for bringing encouragement to our community in the reminder that God keeps His promises. Thank you for honoring God with the stage. Our family is so very grateful.

-Amanda Escue

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