The Arts and Family

I have never been a part of any theatrical experience before joining three of my children on the stage in Seussical. I wasn’t prepared for how much fun I would have! The experience is one that will bless our family with memories for years to come. As the parent of an adopted child, the story of Horton Hatches an Egg has always been dear to us. For weeks our family worked together to make that story come alive and we got to be an active part of telling a timelessly beautiful story. While there are many themes thread throughout Seussical, the story of selfless love, devotion, and the commitment of family is one we were honored to tell each time we performed it.

The FOA has been a big part of our family for the past eight years. Our children have been stretched and blessed through the dance, theater, and visual arts classes. We have made great friends here and have found a rare opportunity for our entire family of eight to participate in something together. Over the years our kids have reached farther to achieve new goals. We are so very thankful for the wonderful teachers they have had and we will continue to contribute to the mission of the FOA. It is truly a gem in northeast Arkansas!

-Amanda Escue

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