Curtain Up Crew Disney Trip

This January, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Foundation of the Arts’ first group to go perform in Disney World. It was an experience that will always be special to me. I didn’t think I would ever get to GO to Disney World, much less PERFORM there! The FOA gives our community opportunities it couldn’t get anywhere else.  Not only did we get to perform at DISNEY WORLD, but every single one of us improved in one way or another, whether in vocals, choreography, or working as a team.  All the way from the auditions to the performance we worked hard and had fun. That’s how it is at the FOA! You are taught how to work hard and do your best, but you also meet new friend that you will have for life.  I am so thankful to Maranda and Damon for teaching this class and giving us this opportunity, and to the FOA for everything it does for our community.

-Abby Orr

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