A Little Bit of History

Hi friends and family!

On this page, we invite you to share fond memories you hold of the Foundation of Arts, the Forum Theater, or the Strand Theater.  Here at the FOA, we treasure that this place holds pieces of so many people’s history.  And we figure it’s about time for us to learn your history with this beautiful place!  If you have a story or memory you would like to share, feel free to post about it on this blog.  Click here to submit your blog entry and, if you wish, email pictures to marketing@foajonesboro.org.


As a young girl, our movie theater was the Strand Theater. Now, we get watch watch our grandchildren perform in their ballet and drama performances there. The FOA is truly a wonderful place full of caring and talented people!

Jimmy and Mary Wright (Mimi and Popie to Mason, Addie, Annabelle, and Lilly Escue. And I’m sure Silas and Oliver will enjoy it just as much in a few years.)


I remember going to Christmas Parties with GE at The Strand Theater. We watched a movie, got to visit with Santa, then we’re given a bag of fruit and candy. My sister and I always looked forward to going to them. It was a treat for us.

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